Employers of Gforce Strategies 4 Excellence school-based trainee’s are making a valuable contribution to developing a local student's career pathway, and gain valuable insight into a future workforce.

As a host employer, you will gain a valuable team member who will be placed with you for a minimum of 7 hours per week in order to fulfill the work placement requirement of their school-based traineeship. A school-based traineeship enables Year 11 and 12 students to combine school, part-time employment and training in order to achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

We offer a diverse selection of training programs to suit student requirements; and work closely with schools, students and host employers to ensure our traineeships meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Hosting a school-based trainee is a great opportunity for the trainee to gain valuable work experience and skills, whilst you gain an additional employee at a very competitive rate.

Benefits to Employers

  • Support a young person in your community by providing valuable experience and skills.
  • Develop your staff through the mentoring of a trainee.
  • Gain a cost-effective labour resource for your business.
  • We take care of all payroll and administrative processes.
  • The traineeship is supported by dedicated consultants that manage the entire process.
  • The potential to secure a future employee.

What is required to host a trainee?

  • Provide relevant and useful tasks relating to the trainee’s qualification.
  • Provide appropriate supervision and mentoring.
  • Provide a minimum of 7 hours of work per week for the trainee over the duration of the traineeship. The trainee also completes a minimum of 6 hours of training with a registered training organisation, and spends the remainder of the week undertaking normal studies at school.
  • Allow for visits from Gforce and the registered training organisation to assess trainee performance.
  • Sign off on the trainee’s weekly timesheets.
  • Provide a safe workplace.

Qualifications on offer

To receive a Host Employer Information Pack, simply email gtadmin@gforce.org.au

Or, for more information call one of our Consultants today on 1800 289 675.


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