• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for staff

I have a vacancy. Can you help me fill it?

Yes we can.

It’s easy, all you need to do is either lodge a vacancy through our website or call us on 1800 436 723.

Have you got the people I want?

We have a strong talent pool of ready to go candidates. The right person for the job could be right here waiting for you. Call us today on 1800 436 723 to discuss your needs.

How do I find a student to employ as a school-based apprentice or trainee?

Recruiting a school-based apprentice or trainee is very similar to recruiting any other employee.

Gforce is the best place to start. Call us today on 1800 436 723.

Am I eligible for incentives for employing a job seeker?

There are many incentives available for employing job seekers and it can be difficult to work out if your business qualifies, unless you talk to someone who has the knowledge. Call Gforce today on 1800 436 723 and we’ll discuss the options with you.

Can I use Gforce facilities to conduct interviews of the shortlisted candidates?

Absolutely! Gforce has specialised interview rooms and facilities to assist with the interview process.

Looking for a job

I’m looking for a job. Can you help me?

Sure can.

  • Search our latest vacancies for apprenticeships and traineeships and/or register with Gforce.
  • Register with People @ Work for temporary, permanent and executive employment opportunities and/or view and apply for the latest vacancies.
  • If you are deemed eligible by Centrelink, Gforce Staffing Solutions can help with the costs of training, licences and employment-related costs.
  • If you are deemed eligible by Centrelink, Gforce Staffing Solutions, Transition to Work Youth Employment Program or ParentsNext can help with the costs of training, licenses and employment-related costs
  • Register with EGF, our Disability Employment Services assisting people of all abilities to find employment and education opportunities through ongoing support and positive coaching.


In which areas is work available?

Work is available all over Geelong, Ballarat, Werribee and Western Melbourne. We have offices in Geelong, Corio and Ballarat.

What other services can Gforce provide to assist me to find work?

If you qualify for assistance under the Australian Government – jobactive contract, Staffing Solutions can help you find your next job with specialised support.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

What is an apprenticeship or traineeship?

A traineeship or apprenticeship (known collectively as Australian Apprenticeships), are a combination of practical work and structured training. Once completed you will have a nationally recognised qualification and practical experience. For further information visit Australian Apprenticeships.

How long does an apprenticeship or traineeship go for?

A traineeship is normally 12-18 months full-time (usually a 38 hour week) depending on the industry, type of job and how quickly you complete your course work. Apprenticeships are normally 3-4 years full-time (usually a 38 hour week), again it depends on the industry and type of job.

Are you experiencing any problems with your work or training?

Like any working relationship, you may encounter a few problems along the way. If you are experiencing any problems there is always someone you can talk to confidentially. Simply contact us and we will put you in touch with the local Apprenticeship Field Officer. Remember it is best to seek help early.

Can an apprenticeship or traineeship be suspended or cancelled?

During the first three months of your apprenticeship or traineeship contract, either you or the employer can cancel the training contract. This three-month period is known as the “probationary period”. After the probationary period is over, an apprenticeship can only be cancelled or suspended if you both agree to do so, if both parties don’t or can’t agree then the local Apprenticeship Field Officer will need to be contacted.

A traineeship can be cancelled or suspended by either the employer or the trainee at any time, even after the probationary period is over.

How do you complete your apprenticeship or traineeship and is there a limit to how quickly you can complete?

Your apprenticeship or traineeship is complete once you, your employer and your training organisation agree that all the requirements of your training plan have been fulfilled. How quickly an apprenticeship or traineeship can be completed will depend on a range of factors including your competence and skills; the ability of your employer to provide work experience in the range of competencies required and the ability of your training organisation to provide flexible training programs. If applicable, the expected duration of the apprenticeship or traineeship should be discussed at induction and be reviewed regularly throughout the duration of the apprenticeship or traineeship.

If you recommence your apprenticeship or traineeship with another employer, will you receive credits for the time you completed with your previous employer?

If you recommence an apprenticeship or traineeship (the same as your previous qualification), generally you will receive credit for previous service.

Any ‘time’ credit allowed is applied to, and may reduce, the nominal term of the apprenticeship or traineeship. The State Training Authority will determine the appropriate amount of ‘time’ credit.

Previous experience or service may also allow you to receive credit transfer and/or recognition of prior learning for the competencies achieved.

Gforce in the Community

Gforce has contributed over $4 million to local community projects and is committed to adding value to its regions with local and social conscious. Not only do we provide financial support but we also encourage our staff to be involved in community service delivery.

Safety Zone

Link Into Safety provides useful links to service providers that can assist you with any aspect of work, health & safety; workplace relations and the law and your rights. A link is also provided to Gforce’s WH&S Policy.

Safety Tips & Advice provides advice on how to minimise the risk of injury in specific industries using WorkSafe’s ‘Injury Hotspots’. You will be able to pinpoint the major injury risks in your workplace and will be provided with practical solutions tailored to your industry​.

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