Geelong workplace trends

Gforce Commissions Wokplace Trends Report

Gforce has commissioned a piece of work which investigates just how Geelong’s workforce is transitioning to our Brave New World.

The findings can be revealed of the research to you.

Key findings are:

  • Talent Attraction: Geelong mirrors global trends in using digital mediums for job advertising. Gone are the days when a job ad in the local newspaper was all that was needed.
  • Talent retention: How do Geelong firms keep their staff?
    • No 1 is remuneration
    • Development opportunities
    • Flexible work arrangements
  • Employee benefits. 88% of Geelong organisations offer flexible working arrangements. Common health and wellbeing initiatives in Geelong include Employee Assistance Programs and fitness related benefits
  • Workplace Planning – full time v’s gig economy, succession planning
  • Technology, Digitisation & Automation – only 13% of Geelong’s organisations have had a reduction I jobs resulting from significant tech, digitisation or automation.
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